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APM2.8 Flight Controller + NEO-6M GPS Module

৳ 5,750.00

APM2.8 Flight Controller + CRIUS NEO-6M GPS Module + Power Module APM2.6 Updated. Description APM2.8 Flight Controller, newest APM version,


Extra Large EPP Quadcopter Frame 450mm (835mm total width)

৳ 2,750.00

This EPP quadcopter frame is a great way to get into large multi-rotor aircraft without breaking the bank! With its lightweight EPP foam, plywood and glass fiber construction, only a low current-draw power system is required. This keeps component costs down, and offers long flight times.

Don’t be fooled by the 450mm width, this is only the measurement from motor shaft to motor shaft (which are centrally located). The actual overall width of this frame is a huge 835mm! It’s seriously large offering a great presence in the air.

The best feature of this frame is the foam propeller guards that are integrated into the design. This protects your props when bumping into walls or other obstacles.

Width: 835mm (450mm motor shaft to motor shaft)
Height: 90mm
Weight: 330g (without electronics)

4 x 2208 1200KV or 2212 1000KV brushless motor
4 x 10~20A ESC
4 x 8~10 inch propeller (2CW and 2CCW rotation)
Multi-rotor control board
1300~1800mAh 3S lipoly battery


Quadcopter Landing Skid

৳ 3,499.00

Constructed from lightweight yet durable glass fiber, these extended landing skids are up to the task of supporting you aerial photography multi-rotor frame. This skid set increases your ground clearance from 32mm to 180mm from the bottom of the main frame plate.

This landing skid set includes all of the hardware necessary for installation, and requires no modification of your frame. They simply bolt on to the stock landing skids of your SK450.


Length: 200mm (overall)
Glass Fiber Thickness: 1.5mm
Weight: 93g (w/all hardware)


Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter – 4 x spare motor mount (BC-MM-01-B)

৳ 470.00
Spare motor mount for the Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter.
  • Weight: ~0.21g
  • Plastic: PP
Pack list
  • 4 x Motor mount

Mini 250 quadcopter

৳ 12,000.00 ৳ 10,500.00

This is a compact quadcopter package with all you need to build a basic quadcopter. All you have to do is just assemble.


The package contains:


  • 2280KV BLDC Motors-4 Nos
  • 12A ESC-4 Nos
  • 5030 Propellers-4 Nos
  • CC3D Flight Control board-1 No
  • CC3D Distribution LED board-1 No

Turnigy Talon Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame

৳ 4,500.00 ৳ 4,000.00

If your looking for a high end, no compromise quadcopter frame with looks that could kill, the Talon is for you!

The Turnigy Talon quadcopter frame is a high quality carbon fiber frame that offers both great looks and performance. Built from light weight yet extremely rigid carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, the Talon offers a great combination of weight savings and strength.

The Talon features a beautifully finished carbon fiber main frame and arms, all connected together with aluminum alloy parts. This frame really gives your quad a high-tech and quality look.

We also offer a full line of quad electronics such as quadcopter control board, ESC, motors and more, so it has never been easier or more affordable to get a quad in the air!

All necessary hardware is included.

Weight: 240g
Width: 498mm
Motor Bolt Holes: 22~32mm


F330 Glass Fiber Mini Quadcopter Frame 330mm

৳ 1,700.00 ৳ 1,550.00

The F330 is a well thought out 330mm quad frame built from quality materials. The main frame is glass fiber while the arms are constructed from ultra durable polyamide nylon.

Assembly is a breeze with pre-threaded brass sleeves for all of the frame bolts, so no lock-nuts are required. It utilizes one size of bolt for the entire build, making the hardware very easy to keep in order and only requiring one size of hex wrench to assemble.

A great feature of this frame is the large mounting tabs at the front and rear of the main frame bottom plate for mounting cameras or other accessories. This makes for a great way to take aerial video or fly FPV without the need to add any additional mounting brackets.

The F330 also features colored arms (2 white and 2 red) which are great for orientation. It helps to keep you flying the right direction without the need for different colored props.

We offer a full line of multi-rotor electronics such as multi-rotor control board, ESC & motors. It has never been easier or more affordable to get a quad in the air!

• Built from quality glass fiber and polyamide nylon
• Pre-threaded brass sleeves for all of the frame bolts
• Colored arms for orientation to keep you flying in the right direction
• Large mounting tabs on main frame bottom plate for easy camera mounting
• Easy assembly

Width: 330mm
Height: 48mm
Weight: 147g (w/out electronics)
Motor Mount Bolt Holes: 16/19mm

4 x 28mm 1000~1200kv (or similar size/kv)
4 x 12~20 Amp ESC
4 x 7×5~8×4 Prop (2CW & 2CCW)
1 x HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board
1 x 1000~1800mAh 3s 11.1v Lipoly battery


Hobby King Quadcopter Power Distribution Board

৳ 600.00 ৳ 520.00

Designed in house by the HobbyKing Enginerds, this handy power distribution board has the same foot print as our Multri-rotor control boards and is the ultimate solution for tidy power distribution wiring. Simply use 3.5mm male connectors on your ESCs and plug a battery in. The PCB is Gold plated for optimality efficiency and also features a bling port (aka 2 pin JST size auxiliary power out) Perfect for powering LEDs or any accessory fitted to your Quadcopter.


Current: 4 x 20A Outputs (MAX)
Power Input: XT60 with 12AWG wire
Motor output: 4 x 3.5mm Female bullet plug
Aux output: 2 pin JST compatible
Weight: 27.3g (including wires)